Design, When Everybody Designs – Ezio Manzini

“In a changing world everyone designs: each individual person and each collective subject, from enterprises to institutions, from communities to cities and regions, must define and enhance a life project. Sometimes these projects generate unprecedented solutions; sometimes they converge on common goals and realise larger transformations.”

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On Dialogue – David Bohm

“Never before has there been a greater need for deeper listening and more open communication to cope with the complex problems facing our organizations, businesses and societies. Renowned scientist David Bohm believed there was a better way for humanity to discover meaning and to achieve harmony. He identified creative dialogue, a sharing of assumptions and understanding, as a means by which the individual, and society as a whole, can learn more about themselves and others, and achieve a renewed sense of purpose.”–Provided by publisher

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Why are we waiting?: the logic, urgency, and promise of tackling climate change – Nicholas Stern

“The risks of climate change are potentially immense. The benefits of taking action are also clear: we can see that economic development, reduced emissions, and creative adaptation go hand in hand. Why, then, are we waiting? Nicholas Stern explains why, notwithstanding the great attractions of a new path, it has been so difficult to tackle climate change effectively.”

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The 21st Century Media (R)evolution: Emergent Communication Practices – Jim Macnamara

“The emergence of ‘new media’ and social media is widely discussed in contemporary society. However, media and public communication are mostly analyzed within particular theoretical frameworks and within specific disciplinary fields. Such approaches have created polarized views on media and communication, and fail to create an understanding of the interdependencies between these fields. This book expertly synthesizes competing theories and disciplinary viewpoints, integrates scholarly and cutting edge research, and examines international data from fast-growing markets including China, to provide a comprehensive, holistic view of the twenty-first century [r]evolution in media and public communication.”

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Human Cooperation Theory – David Rand

“Cooperation is central to successful human societies. But why are people willing to incur the individual costs involved in cooperating?”

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